Mothers Day Specials From Government Cluster Fudge



Just in time for Mothers Day!

Cut through the “Red Tape” by having the mom’s closest to you participate in Government Cluster Fudge’s “Cash for Clusters” program!

Order Today!!!

America has watched our politicians shove regulations and policies down our throats for years.

Alisa Shakespeare decided to create a product that would “go down” much easier. The concept for the company came, as my partner and I were thinking about what would take the sting out of all that was happening around us politically, and there it was: Government Cluster Fudge.

Government Cluster Fudge a decadent over the top line of candy and confections and comes in a variety of flavors such as Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Triple Fudge to name a few. All of our packages are wrapped in “hard to deal with” red tape. According to Shakespeare, the company is bipartisan in their attack on politicians. Along with the current line of “cluster fudge” you can also purchase Chocolate Lies, Little White Lies and Broken Promises Candy Bark or you can participate in Government Cluster Fudge’s “Cash for Clusters” program! Not only does it feel good going down, it sends a message to Washington that we are stick of their bureau-crap! We are unapologetically capitalist, in a time when you can’t depend on government to do anything but make matters worse.

Our company provides jobs, economic stimulation as well as a delicious and humorous look at what a huge “Cluster Fudge” the Federal Government has become.


Any 3 Lies for $22
Choose any three varieties of Bag of Lies Products for $22 plus tax and shipping.
Any 3 Cluster Fudge's for $25
Choose any three varieties of Government Cluster Fudge Products for $25 plus tax and shipping. ..
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