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I can tell that the Mitt Romney campaign is getting nervous about Rick Santorum. On twitter I seem to see more and more anti-santorum tweets from the Romney Crowd.

I’ve found over the past few weeks that whenever Romney is feeling good about his chances, the positive or anti-obama message comes out, when he’s feeling panicked it becomes all negative all the time.


Stacy McCain has noticed that there seems to be an interesting double standard on social issues

So please tell me why Santorum alone gets crucified on “social issues”? Do supporters of Newt and Mitt claim that their conservative stances during the Iowa campaign were just insincere pandering?

Or do you people simply think Santorum supporters are too stupid to notice that Mitt and Newt are getting a free pass on “social issues,” or too stupid to wonder why they get that free pass?

  • It’s “controversial” to say English should be the national language — if Rick Santorum says so.
  • It’s “controversial” to speak out against abortion or same-sex marriage — if Rick Santorum does it.
  • It’s “controversial” to support enforcement of laws against obscenity — if Rick Santorum supports it.

On which of these issues do Romney and Gingrich actually disagree with Santorum? So far as we know, they agree with him 100%. But where are the reporters hounding them with “gotcha” questions?

Rest assured Stacy if Romney wins the nomination the MSM will be asking those questions and the same Pro-Romney people now who are questioning Santorum’s position now will be crying foul play.

He also had this question concerning the timing of the Daily Caller’s piece on porn:

Exactly why the Daily Caller saw fit to assign its associate editor to write a 700-word “news” article, soliciting opinions from Eugene Volokh and Jonathan Turley, I don’t know. Why this cheap political “gotcha” hit-job deserved headline treatment at the Drudge Report, I don’t know.

Now maybe it’s just me but that question reminds me of this speech by James Mason from The Verdict:

I know how you feel. You don’t believe me, but I do know. I’m going to tell you something that I learned when I was your age. I’d prepared a case and old man White said to me, “How did you do?” And, uh, I said, “Did my best.” And he said, “You’re not paid to do your best. You’re paid to win.” And that’s what pays for this office… pays for the pro bono work that we do for the poor… pays for the type of law that you want to practice… pays for my whiskey… pays for your clothes… pays for the leisure we have to sit back and discuss philosophy as we’re doing tonight. We’re paid to win the case.


I can’t imagine why it does.

One last thought, on Morning Joe Friday they pushed a poll from Pew saying 1 in 5 Romney voters won’t vote for Santorum in the fall if he wins the nomination.

Does it seem odd to you that such a poll is being pushed today and if, like me you are a Santorum supporter doesn’t it sound like the GOP establishment saying they’ll take their ball and go home.

Sounds like Sheldon cooper to me.


Of course Romney might be hitting Santorum instead of Obama because the Obama campaign has been reduced to spending actual campaign money going after Sarah Palin:


Misfit politics notes:

A recent Washington Times/ABC poll showed bad news for Obama. 50% of people polled disapprove (46% approve and 4% have no opinion) of Obama’s overall job performance, 48% disapprove of his energy policy and only 38% approve of it, 59% disprove with Obama’s handling of the economy, 63% disapprove of Obama’s handling of our massive budget deficit, and 65% disapprove of Obama’s handling of gas prices. These numbers look bad for Obama, so what does his campaign start running on? Sarah Palin is teh evilz! Of course this isn’t surprising; after all, these are the same people who brought us Attack Watch.

Obama 2012: Ignore my record and vote for me because Republicans are evil racist kitten eaters.

Palin answered in detail on facebook:

I’m not running for any office, but I’m more than happy to accept the dubious honor of being Barack Obama’s “enemy of the week” if that includes the opportunity to debate him on the issues Americans are actually concerned about. (Remember when I said you don’t need a title to make a difference?)

Strangely the media that considered a Palin movie by HBO so newsworthy they spent last week obsessing over it and the media that spent a chunk of this week attacking Palin based on that movie didn’t find her words or the attack newsworthy.

She also produced a long essay on Breitbart’s site concerning Andrew on Friday:

Barack Obama and I both served in political office in states with a serious corruption problem. Though there is a big difference between serving as the CEO of a city, then a state, and regulating domestic energy resources, and being a liberal Community Organizer, bear with me on the comparison. The difference between my record and Barack Obama’s is that I fought the corrupt political machine my entire career (and I have twenty years of scars to prove it) on the local, state, and national level. But Obama didn’t fight the corruption he encountered. He went along with it to advance his career. Graft, cronyism, and quid pro quo are the methods of the Chicago political machine from which he emerged.

You would think the media – those watchdogs of the public trust – would be interested in this. But they refused to vet Barack Obama. With tingles up their legs, they shielded him.

I suspect the MSM will not find that essay newsworthy either.

It’s not all that strange, you can’t keep the myth of Sara Palin as a dunce alive if people report the words she actually says in context. Bottom line:

Months after she decided not to run, even with the possible of a brokered convention turning to her being somewhere between slim and bloody impossible, the MSM still fears Sarah Palin…

…they are right to do so

And she is only 48, they have decades of fearing her ahead. Decades!


And When Obama is not hitting Sarah Palin, he’s going after… Rutherford B Hays?

One of my predecessors, Rutherford B. Hayes, reportedly said about the telephone, ‘It’s a great invention, but who would ever want to use one?’ That’s why he’s not on Mt. Rushmore because he’s looking backwards. He’s not looking forwards.

That was too much even for the Washington Post

Hayes, in fact, was such a technology buff that he installed the first telephone in the White House. A list of telephone subscribers published in the article “The Telephones Comes to Washington,” by Richard T. Loomis, shows that the White House was given the number “1.”

Now for those on the left who might be upset at the post for giving Obama 4 Pinocchios on this, Remember it is perfectly safe for the Washington Post to defend Hayes. As a Republican dead over a century he is no threat to Obama’s re-election campaign and the Post did manage to hit the just as dead but still hated Reagan in the piece so that more than makes up for it.

One more morning Joe bit. Joe Scarborough drives me nuts on occasion but when he is absent from Morning Joe the restraints are off and it becomes as bad or worse than the entire remaining MSNBC lineup. If the lineup was any farther left it would be a car going in circle all day.

It got so bad on Friday that I turned the TV to re-runs from the 60’s and kept it there.

Of course all of this is the minor leagues, if you want pure unadulterated media bias Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs gave us the best example bar none this week:

The ad on the left was accepted by the NYT, the Ad on the right was not. The difference; the ad on the left hits Catholics, the ad on the right hit Islam.

The NYT claims running this ad now will put US soldiers in danger given their history would be laughable if it wasn’t evidence of cowardice.

I’ve placed the ad on my site and will leave it up through lent to show them how it’s done.

The piece is nearly done and I’ve not said a thing about March Madness, that because I have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever. Maybe I’ll find something to say by next week.

One quick closing note This Saturday My radio show DaTechGuy on DaRadio will be moved to 1:30 p.m. EST instead ad of its usual 10 a.m. due to the NIT tournament. You can listen to me online live at wcrnradio.com

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