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Today the news is abuzz over Mitt Romney’s attack ads on Newt Gingrich. Romney’s reaction is interesting here, since at one time Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry have all been ahead of Romney in the polls but none of these candidates produced the reaction that Newt has in the Romney campaign.

I don’t know if the panic is due to the timing or due to Newt but panic it is.

Of course there is panic and there is sheer stupidity. The Romney campaign had a conference call today, well I’ll let Matt Lewis tell the tale:

Here’s the list of reporters and media outlets who were permitted to ask questions:


That’s it. No Townhall.com, HotAir, Daily Caller, Washington Examiner, National Review, Weekly Standard, American Spectator, or Washington Times … you get the picture.

And it’s not as though they limited it to august, mainstream publications. I mean, they took a question from Talking Points Memo…

If Mitt doesn’t want the conservative vote, I can’t think of a way to express it better than this.

Herman Cain has dropped out giving the MSM its first scalp of the season. With the amount of time left in the race and the amount of money he was sitting on I was very surprised, but perhaps I should not have been since this video endorsement of Rick Santorum two days before Cain’s announcement by a leading Iowa pastor Cary Gordon contained these lines concerning Cain:

I’ll tell you what happened to me, this is all I need to know…The fact of the matter is he sat at a lunch table with me and my family and told me ‘A Cain presidency will protect the institution of marriage’. He said that to us boldly…That was before the Iowa straw poll, after the straw poll was over do you know what Herman Cain said? He sat down with the Washington post and told them the very opposite of what he told me, so I can’t trust him.

In a pre-internet age you might get away with that kind of stuff, you can’t today.

I had been going back and forth between Cain and Rick Santorum as my choice for the last month, with Cain out of the Picture my choice was made simple so I endorsed Rick Santorum.

So has Zilla Stephenson

And the secretary of state of Iowa.

And Robert Stacy McCain is going all Santorum all the time.

One last Cain thing, on Friday Morning Joe did a four minute ode poking fun at Cain. Not only do I not remember them doing the same with Hilary Clinton when Obama beat her but they did this 6 days after Cain pulled out.

When I commented weeks ago about Morning Joe skipping Jon Stewart’s incredible takedown of the occupy movement people on twitter told me it was too old, apparently some things age better than others.
I’ve noticed that there is a lot of “third party” talk lately

Buddy Roemer to seek third-party Americans Elect nomination for president

(Christine Todd) Whitman: Huntsman could totally go third party

and there is assorted Trump and Bloomberg 3rd party wind out there as well. Why? Likely because no matter what the media or some GOP insiders say. Barack Obama’s best chance for re-election is a 3rd party bid to peel off anti-obama votes from the GOP candidate.

The closer we get to election day the louder the 3rd party calls will be and the more press the MSM will give them. Particularly if Gingrich keeps talking like this:

“Obama believes in a Saul Alinsky radicalism which the press corps was never willing to look at,” Gingrich told a standing room-only crowd at Tommy’s Country Ham House here. “When he said he was a community organizer, it wasn’t Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. It was radicalism taught on the south side of Chicago by Saul Alinsky.”

If Obama’s guys aren’t scared they ougta be.

I saw a rather silly story on congress in the Atlantic this week.

The ‘Do-Nothing’ Congress Really Did Nothing This Year

I wasn’t aware that congress was like a sales crew with a quota to pad the legal code? The author seems to think so.

PBS notes that surprise surprise North Korea children once again risk starvation this winter. Mark Steyn notices something missing from this latest in the “Korea famine tale

“Somehow the Kims’ cruel, deliberate social engineering never seems to be a factor in their country’s numerous famines”

I believe I’ve already mentioned a British visitor and former soldier I met last month who commented that Korea was a useless war that didn’t need to be fought. I think the population of South Korea might disagree.

Nuisance lawyer John Banzhaf who earlier this year was busy suing Catholic University over the presence of the Crucifixes at Catholic University has lost yet another suit against Catholic University this time claiming that “Same Sex Dorms” violated DC’s human rights act.

Yes this sounds ridiculous but sooner or later Mr. Banzhaf will find a sympathetic judge or board or arbiter and be successful in a suit against Catholic University which is the whole point. When he does the media will declare it a triumph for the oppressed because there is no such thing as a frivolous suit when it is launched against a Catholic Institution.

The media has been all over the scandals at Penn State and Syracuse lately, they however have not given a lot of press these stories out of Hollywood:

The past two weeks have brought three separate reports of alleged child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry.

If only the entertainment and the coaching professions discarded their bans on marriage and celibacy we wouldn’t be seeing these issues.

Speaking of stories that the MSM is ignoring this one from the BBC is a doozy:

UK police recorded at least 2,823 so-called honour attacks last year, figures from 39 out of 52 forces show.

To anyone paying attention this is not a surprise but this revelation from Tim Blair was:

Almost as shocking as rise in these crimes is the fact that a Freedom of Information search was required to uncover it. Some British police decline to collate honour crime statistics.

Some statistics are too uncomfortable to keep apparently.

And when it comes to stats The Islamic parties have them in Egypt

Egypt Islamist parties win more than 60% of the vote

Rick Moran tell us what it means:

the Egyptian people were not voting blindly. They knew full well who and what the Muslim Brotherhood represents and they cannot claim ignorance of how radical the Salfis are.
They are going to get the government they voted for – no more, no less. That should give western powers pause in thinking that promoting “democracy” will lead to any sort of “freedom” we would recognize as such.

Albert Pujols Baseball player extraordinaire, just signed a 10 year 254 million dollar contract with the Angels leaving the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals after 11 years
The offer was 54 million higher than St. Louis but with California’s 10.3% top tax bracket twenty million of that difference is eaten up in the increased income taxes Albert will be paying.

California will need it since so many businesses are heading the other direction.

It’s worth noting that when he was making $13,500 a year as a Cardinal Stan Musial turned down $150,000 a year with a $50,000 signing bonus to join the Mexican league. That was in 1946 Musial stayed home and settled for a World Series Ring that year.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Movie Gunga Din. I have a long piece about the movie over at Ladd Ehlinger’s site, it is the first of 4 pieces on film and the culture wars I’ll be doing over there.

Harry Morgan, died on the 7th December. He was remembered best for his roles in MASH and Dragnet but my favorite memory of him was in Support Your Local Sheriff another movie you likely never heard of, here is the start of the picture


I admit not as funny as the racist gift basket, but it was funny.

On a more recent note the wife and my youngest went to see the New Muppets movie Thursday. They proclaimed it a lot of fun and noted it was full of Cameos including Mickey Rooney. I saw him live in Boston at a revival of A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum nearly 20 years ago and he was very old then. I took a look at his IMBD profile, Rooney appeared in his first movie back in 1926. This means Rooney has appeared in Movies in 10 different decades! Baring a dramatic change in life expectancy I doubt any future actor will be able to say the same.

And I do apologize for the lack of writing lately, I’m afraid I’ve been a bit low with pneumonia, once I fully recover I’m sure I’ll be back with my usual level of verbosity.

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