Time to go to the mattress.



As reported all over the news is this morning, Speaker Boehner is abandoning the “grand deal” after it was made clear Democrats would demand roughly two trillion in tax increases over the next ten years in exchange for four trillion in estimated spending cuts.

I believe this move was smart for Speaker Boehner and he should be commended for holding the line on potentional tax increases, which would not only cripple the economy, but gaurantee a third party run in 2012 and President Obama a second term.

None of us should be fooled by the demand to increase the size of government as a prerequist for any such deal. There is a difference between closing honest to God loop holes which allow people to cheat the system and changing the tax code to give what President Obama and Democrats were seeking for the past decade – to roll back the Bush era tax cuts.

What is in our nation’s best interest is that any deal made would make dramatic cuts, as the GOP as proposed, in exchange for any increase in the national debt limit. Period.

We are in trouble today because of an out of control federal government who spent money while deciding they know better than the American people. To claim raising tax increases and growing the same government entity without any substational reform or balanced budget amendment in place is crazy.

Of course this is not the first time Democrats have used the ruse to lure Republicans into straying from their core beliefs and what the American people demanded they represent in Washington. Reagan and Bush 41 both agreed to tax increases in an effort to reduce the deficit under similar terms (dollars for cuts for dollars in tax increase).

In both cases there was no decrease of the federal deficit with poor election results to follow. In the case of Bush 41, the loss of office.

The very same could be said about today’s battle. Democrats are once again claiming significant deficit reduction numbers in exchange for tax increases and labeling those who believe other wise as radicals. History teaches us other wise.

However, we should not be so bold as to demand no increase in the debt ceiling under any conditions. To do so is both fool hardy and smacks of the extreme demands Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi are making.

There is absolutely no difference in what Pelosi is asking for, no changes in entitlement spending, and the demand that the debt limit not be raised under any circumstance. Both do harm to the republic and fail to serve the nation’s best interest.

If there was a time to go to the mattress for this nation, it is now. It must be done without bravado; with seriousness and a real goal in mind and a desire to find a solution and not to posture alone.

Do this. Do the will of the people and the rest will fall into place.


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  1. Steven_Foley

    July 10, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Do the will of the people and the rest will fall into place

    Love This!!!

  2. Stix

    July 10, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Great Post

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