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Senator John Boozman Delivers Weekly Republican Address

Steve FoleyJun 27, 2015
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Sen. Cruz Delivers Epic Floor Speech on King v. Burwell Decision

Steve FoleyJun 26, 2015
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Heritage Exclusive: Ted Cruz on the ‘Age of Cronyism’ in Washington

Steve FoleyJun 25, 2015
Edmond, Okla., native Lance Cpl. Nathan Aschenbrenner, an automatic rifleman with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, patrols across a field during the first week of Operation Double Check, a battalion-level offensive to rid Khwajadad and other areas in southern Musa Qal’eh district of insurgents. Aschenbrenner, 24, and other Fox Marines spent almost a week away from their company position at nearby Patrol Base 7171 during the operation’s initial phase. The Marines had to combat cold weather, inadequate shelter, fatigue and hunger, in addition to insurgents, during the first week of the operation.  Aschenbrenner credits the Marines in his squad for helping him get through the experience. "Just having the guys around you, that really is how you take your mind off of everything,” said Aschenbrenner, a 2005 graduate of Edmond North High School. “Just talking to your buddy, joking around, having a good time in a bad situation totally makes it worth it.”

UFC Takes on the Marine Corps. It’s Not Even Close.

Michael BeckerJun 21, 2015
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What Woman Would You Like To See On a Dollar Bill?

Steve FoleyJun 18, 2015
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Video: Obama to give Iran a Signing Bonus

Steve FoleyJun 9, 2015
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GRAPHIC **NSFW VIDEO of BMW Driver Gets Terrifying Revenge on Motorcyclist

Michael BeckerJun 7, 2015

Minimum Wage Increases=Minimum Jobs

Steve FoleyMay 27, 2015
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11 Year-old Future Conservative President Of The United States Enters College

Michael BeckerMay 26, 2015
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Rattlesnake Bite You? Read This Fast.. or Before One Does.

Michael BeckerMay 20, 2015