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Obama: Light The White House Red, White and Blue for Independence Day

Steve FoleyJul 2, 2015
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Obama’s EPA Regulations: 6,552x As Long As Constitution; 46x As Long As Bible

Steve FoleyJun 9, 2015
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Awesome Evangelical Ad for Ted Cruz!

Steve FoleyJun 6, 2015
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Watch Lecture Three for “The Federalist Papers”

Steve FoleyMay 28, 2015

Ed Koch, Israel and the Anti-Semite

Frank McHaleMay 6, 2015
House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) Attends Republican Election Watch Party
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Speaker Boehner Should Let Ex-Im Bank Expire

Steve FoleyMay 1, 2015
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VIDEO: College Students Don’t Recognize Ronald Reagan

Steve FoleyApr 24, 2015
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VIDEO: What Do Americans Think of Hillary’s New Campaign Logo?

Steve FoleyApr 15, 2015