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A $6 Million Dollar Pick-Up? Where are Democrats Howling About “Income Inequality”

Michael BeckerJul 4, 2015
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How Liberals Manipulate Data About the Minimum Wage

Steve FoleyJun 23, 2015
In this Aug. 1, 2013 photo, demonstrators protesting what they say are low wages and improper treatment for fast-food workers march in downtown Seattle. Washington already has the nation’s highest state minimum wage at $9.19 an hour. Now, there’s a push in Seattle, at least, to make it $15. That would mean fast food workers, retail clerks, baristas and other minimum wage workers would get what protesters demanded when they shut down a handful of city restaurants in May and others demonstrated nationwide in July. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
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Another Minimum Wage Lesson in Economics. This Time at The Gap

Michael BeckerJun 18, 2015
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McDonalds’ Workers Replaced by These Machines, Thanks to Minimum Wage Increase: Nice Job Dems..

Michael BeckerJun 1, 2015

Minimum Wage Increases=Minimum Jobs

Steve FoleyMay 27, 2015
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LA Raises Minimum Wage to $15… Employers Respond Immediately With THIS

Michael BeckerMay 24, 2015
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Heritage: Why Are So Many Employers Unable to Fill Jobs?

Steve FoleyApr 6, 2015

Hey Seattle! How About That $15/hr Minimum Wage

Michael BeckerMar 19, 2015