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First GOP Debate- Not Exactly Lincoln-Douglas

Streetwise_ITAug 7, 2015
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Democrats Plan to Shut Down the Federal Government

Steve FoleyJun 23, 2015
15-0530 Marco Rubio
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Marco Rubio Isn’t a Catholic Says … Nancy Pelosi

Michael BeckerMay 31, 2015
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Quinnipiac National Poll: Five Leaders In 2016 Republican White House Race

Steve FoleyMay 28, 2015
Marco Rubio celebrates onstage with his family in 2010 after winning his U.S. Senate seat in Florida when he was just 39 years old. Now, he's expected to embark on a run for president.

Dems Getting Scared About Cuban Who Can Beat Hillary: How to Destroy Marco Rubio?

Michael BeckerMay 26, 2015
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Heritage: Should the NSA ‘Spying’ Program Be Illegal? What 2016 Contenders Say.

Steve FoleyMay 21, 2015
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Sen. Cruz Introduces Commercial Space Launch Act

Steve FoleyMay 17, 2015
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Fiorina on Fox Index: Up to #5 with a bullet; ahead of Rand, Huck and Carson

Steve FoleyMay 12, 2015
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Citizens, Not Judges, Should Determine Future of Marriage

Steve FoleyApr 28, 2015
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Heritage: Don’t Silence the 50 Million Who Voted for One Man-One Woman Marriage

Steve FoleyApr 28, 2015