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No, Mr. Ailes. You can’t make us vote for Jeb Bush.

yateswalkerJun 22, 2015
15-0618 Obama Iraq
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Martin Dempsey, Chairman JCOS, is Obama’s Boy to the Core

Michael BeckerJun 19, 2015
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America’s Troops Are Not ‘A Waste Of Time’: Dem Leadership ‘Bright Lines’ – No Money For Troops Without Bonuses For IRS, TSA, EPA, Etc.

Steve FoleyJun 8, 2015
15-0602 Incompetence
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Obama’s Legacy: Restoring the US as “The Most Respected Country in the World”

Michael BeckerJun 2, 2015
15-0531 Marines
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Former Head of Marine Corps Sets Obama Straight on ISIS

Michael BeckerJun 1, 2015
15-0527 Bush Lied
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Bush is Vindicated on WMDs – NY Times Admits It

Michael BeckerMay 27, 2015
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Boehner To Obama: Get A Strategy On ISIL

Streetwise_ITMay 21, 2015
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ISIS: The Fourth Reich

Steve FoleyMar 31, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.56.23 AM

Rep. McCarthy: The World Is Less Safe Now than Before or After 9/11 Thanks to Obama

Steve FoleyMar 18, 2015
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Sharia: The Unifying Ideology Among Modern Terror Groups

Steve FoleyMar 14, 2015