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Must See Gabe Zolna Video: How Disgusting Is Special FBI Agent,”Ed Reinhold!”

Steve FoleyJul 22, 2015
Pelosi gun grabber
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Background Check Bill Seeks to Create Backdoor Gun Prohibition, While Bloomberg Group Piles On

Steve FoleyJul 20, 2015
Stop Iran Now
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Former CIA Director, Col. Allen West, Frank Gaffney, Others Rally Against Obama Nuke Deal

Harriet BaldwinJul 19, 2015
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MRC’s Bozell Accuses Networks of “Being Complicit in Cover-Up” in Refusing to Cover Exploding IRS Scandal

Steve FoleyJul 9, 2015

FBI Says “No Credible ISIS Threats Against US” — Really? Then WHY Do They Have 56 Command Centers?

Michael BeckerJul 3, 2015
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Former Asst. Director of FBI responds to recent shooting deaths of police officers

Steve FoleyMay 12, 2015
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Prisoner in Van Said Freddie Gray was “Trying to Injure Himself”, Document Says

Steve FoleyApr 29, 2015

Video: View of The Real Barack Obama talking about his mentor Frank Marshall Davis

tmradminApr 15, 2015
workplace violence 500
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About That Workplace Violence Problem in Oklahoma…

Michael BeckerOct 2, 2014