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Remember That Obamacare Is A Taxing Experience

Streetwise_ITJul 6, 2015
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Media Outraged As Hillary Hawks Seats At Slaveholder Lovefest!

Streetwise_ITJun 27, 2015
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The US Liberal Jewish Disconnect

Streetwise_ITJun 10, 2015

Battling Gun Control: GOP Legislation Would Diminish DOJ’s Ability To Impose Gun Control Measures

Candice LanierJun 8, 2015
5-12-09 rec'd via email from Paul Petersen.
I have the only "full color Stone Family photo" ever taken of the Donna Reed Show cast...including my little sister, Patti Petersen...from 1966.

Podcast: Hillary For President- Donna Reed On Steroids

Streetwise_ITJun 7, 2015
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Elections- Camille Paglia On The Democratic Dilemma

Streetwise_ITMar 23, 2015
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Editorials: ‘Democrats, Swallow Your Pride’, Stop Blocking The Human Trafficking Bill

Steve FoleyMar 18, 2015
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Now Playing- Queen Of De Nial

Streetwise_ITMar 11, 2015
Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act
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If Not Now … When? Will the GOP Majority Ever Stand for Anything?

tmradminMar 4, 2015
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Hillary At Georgetown- Not Exactly SRO

Streetwise_ITDec 3, 2014