Last week, Apple Started the new Apple Watch Series 6 and a Pair of new Watch straps to go with itthe Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop. Both are constructed from stretchy, unbroken material with no clasp or buckle, making choosing the perfect size tremendously important.

However, as mentioned by MacRumors, it sounds buyers have an extra Reason to be cautious: if you buy the wrong-sized band, you will have to come back the Watch and band together to make it all changed. With restricted supplies on either the newest bands and the Watch Series 6 itself, which may mean a wait of weeks, even months, before your replacement arrives.

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Apple clients have been whining about this on Twitter Eli Hodapp, an exec at mobile gaming subscription agency GameClub, even contributed a market he had an Apple support employee, who agreed with Hodapp’s suggestion that the device was”type of insane.” As the support worker said:”Yes, you totally agree with you personally. However, Apple do have an insurance plan as it is thought to be a configure to order ”

As one user posted around MacRumors:”I assumed if you Purchased a bad size, you could continue to keep the watch and simply return/exchange the band. But Apple support through discussion said you have to return the watch and the band. That’s so inefficient. And frustrating. I’m selling my S4 watch and also the buyer is going to have to keep waiting until it’s all sorted out” apple watch band

The whole situation has additionally been made worse with the pandemic. The perfect method to make sure you will get a fantastic fit in the watch band will be, of course, to try on several different sizes personally. Some customers say they have also been able to exchange ill-fitting bands from the stores. But with all these outlets closed because of COVID-19 and customers understandably wary about making unnecessary trips during a worldwide outbreak, this is simply not an option for everybody else.

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Apple has tried to alleviate the problem by issuing a newspaper Matching manual, which users may print out and set on their wrist to seek out their size. However a range of clients say that the sizes recommended by the guide do not necessarily match the fit of the product that is delivered. The Verge’s personal team have found similar issues, with the band sizes recommended by the guide coming slightly overly loose. This isn’t just a comfort issue, either, since the Watch Series 6’s headline feature, its fresh blood flow track, requires a great fit to operate precisely.

In other words: be careful when ordering a few of those new Solo Bands, and in the event that you’re able to (and if it is not too dangerous), try to decide to try a person on in person. If you’ve had any problems with the return or size policies of this new Bands, inform us in the comments below.

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