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No, Mr. Ailes. You can’t make us vote for Jeb Bush.

yateswalkerJun 22, 2015

Let’s bury Mitch McConnell and put some fear into every Republican in Congress

yateswalkerFeb 21, 2014
Ryan and Boehenr

Boehner, Ryan and the Art of Selling Out for Nothin’

yateswalkerDec 17, 2013

Republicans Need to Get Over their Seniority Fetish

yateswalkerJan 30, 2013

Mr. Alinsky Goes to Washington (and he’s After Your Guns)

yateswalkerJan 15, 2013
republican leadership

Time To Go On Offense

yateswalkerDec 13, 2012
Chris Matthews Unhinged

Being Chris Matthews

yateswalkerAug 29, 2012

James Holmes Isn’t National News

yateswalkerJul 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Needs a Teleprompter

yateswalkerFeb 29, 2012
Defend your turf

The Paramount Importance of Turf

yateswalkerFeb 21, 2012