Retired from American Airlines after a 34 year career in corporate treasury management. Professional income tax preparer. Graduate of Georgetown University (BS Foreign Service) and The University of Texas at Arlington (MBA). Contributor to TMR since 2007. Host of "Italian Tomatoes" show on Blog Talk Radio. I am a center-right Republican with a passion for business, history and current affairs. Go to Blog Talk Radio to listen to my latest show <a href="">The Job Search Experience</a>

Dr Obama-3-L

Democrats Get A Whiff Of The Obamacare Stink Bomb

Streetwise_ITFeb 17, 2015
friskies cat engineering

Cat Vs Common Core: Who Does Math Better>?

Streetwise_ITFeb 12, 2015
private jet Bombardier.global5000.oe-inc author arpingstone via wiki

Climate And The Cool Kids- Orgy At The World Economic Forum!

Streetwise_ITFeb 12, 2015
ivanhoe -public domain via wiki 457px-CC_No_02_Ivanhoe_2-s3

Our Knight In Shining Armor

Streetwise_ITFeb 10, 2015
bush katrina-s

George W Bush Responds to Brian Williams Katrina Controversy

Streetwise_ITFeb 8, 2015
ViviCam 3765

Radio Shack Sings The Chapter 11 Blues

Streetwise_ITFeb 5, 2015
cat teepee

Could Your Cat Be The Next Senator Warren?

Streetwise_ITFeb 4, 2015
Gallup CEO-s

Gallup CEO- 5.6% Unemployment Is A Big Lie

Streetwise_ITFeb 3, 2015
unemployed file name scared_4_25 via classroomclipartdotcom

Podcast- The Job Search Experience

Streetwise_ITFeb 3, 2015
mcdonalds ceo out cnbc

McDonalds CEO Departs Amid Stagnant Sales

Streetwise_ITJan 29, 2015

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