Audio: Howard Stern says “I will never vote Democrat again, they are Communists.”


Sirius Satellite Radio host Howard Stern supports the merger of his network with XM Satelitte Radio and is fuming at Democratic opposition on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) panel.

After FCC commissioners announced they have reached a deal to approve the merger of Sirius (NASDAQ:SIRI) and XM (NASDAQ:XMSR), Stern ranted about Democrats’ ‘gangsterism’ and ‘communism’ and the obstacles to the merger.

Stern described a phone conversation he had with his agent, who he described as a “liberal Democrat kind of guy.”

“I go, ‘That’s it!’” Stern said. “[I] go, ‘You know what Don, I’ve voted Republican and I’ve voted Democrat. I have vowed I will never vote for a Democrat again. I don’t give a [expletive]– no matter who they are. I don’t care if God becomes a Democrat.’ I said, ‘I backed Hillary Clinton, I backed Al Gore, I backed John Kerry. I am done with them.’”

 Stern took it a step even further and called Democrats on the FCC “communists” and referred to their tactics as “gangsterism.”

“The fact that these Democrats on the FCC are communists,” Stern said. “They’re for communism. They don’t want to see companies – this is gangsterism. I said, ‘This is crazy.’”

The FCC commission is a five-member panel made up of three Republicans and two Democrats. The Democrats include Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps. The Republicans include FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, Robert McDowell and Deborah Taylor Tate. Tate had been the swing vote on the proposed merger and on July 24 The Wall Street Journal reported she would vote in favor of the merger.

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  • Donald Cocheo

    Sirius and XM merged several years ago, this story is that old. Where was this dug up from??

  • Roller Rider

    Conservatives are so gullible and so clueless:
    Thursday, July 24, 2008 10:01 PM
    HOWARD STERN Sirius satellite radio host Howard Stern has announced, “I will
    never vote for a Democrat again.” Stern made his pronouncement after the FCC vote on a Sirius/XM satlellite radio merger fell along party lines.
    The three Republican FCC members voted for approving the merger. The
    three Democrats on the committee voted against it. […]
    Yet here you all are getting all wound up over a nearly 6 year old story and at the same time ignoring Stern voted for Obama twice.
    Howard Stern tells listeners not to vote for ‘demon’ Mitt Romney

    September 17, 2012

    Howard Stern kicked off his return to radio by ripping into Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, calling him a “demon,” a “fat cat” and a “c**ksucking d**k” that people who be crazy to vote for.

    Tell me, how does it feel to be utterly clueless and morally upright at the same time?

    • Nick

      Always good to hear
      from one of our “liberal ” progressive” “open minded” bigots in the

      • Roller Rider

        You’ve been smacked down hard because of your manufactured, faux outrage over a 6 year old story. The merger went through and Stern continued to support Democrats.

        It’s not my fault that you can’t handle the truth.

        • Nick

          You’ve been bi tich slapped for being a racist bigot hiding behind the word “liberal” SO eat it.

          • Roller Rider

            Next you’re going to call me an anti Semite, aren’t you.
            Go back to pre-school. You failed sandbox the first time around.

  • William J Gollatz

    I’d like to know which, and how many Republicans Stern alleges he voted for.

  • Jaded

    This soundbite is from 2008, a few years behind? This is Howard Stern who once I believe once said he would rather eat his own vomit then be friends with Rosie O’Donnell (who he is now friends with). Take what he says with a grain of salt. He says it for shock value, much like politicians. He is not a conservative.

  • Cindy Pierce Mackinnon

    The last chapter of this article is FALSE … here is the current FCC membership ….

  • gene456

    You know the expression: A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. Looks like Howard was recently mugged.

  • Ignatz

    They shouldn’t have approved it. The conglomeration of giant companies is actually very bad for the marketplace, very bad for the consumer, and very bad for capitalism, since it decreases competition. Capitalism only works if there’s competition. Conglomeration eliminates competition.

  • Andy McWilliams

    It’s just effecting his pocket. Stern will vote where the money is.

  • Nick

    People people , don’t disparage the paid media talent …. .. these folks are highly skilled and
    capable of reading anything placed on a teleprompter. That kind of skill can get you elected president …. twice

  • Nick

    Yeah, blah blah blah , Stern forgot any sense of morality and joined the anti-capitalism, anti-free market gang with his democrat buddies. Got his money and shut his mouth

  • Richard Olson

    I’m glad Howard said that before the Dems came to tell him that God is a democrat HAa!

  • Sharknado

    It’s not funny…these communists have almost totally destroyed America.

  • Joe Jones

    It is about time Stern woke up!

    • FunnyFaceKing

      about time = seven years ago

      i wonder what other context is missing from this propaganda

  • jarnkm

    Three cheers for “HOWIE”!!!!!

  • robin patton

    How old is this article, Sirius and XM merged long ago. What are you doing trying to start trouble?

  • Shreknangst

    Love it: “I backed Hillary Clinton, I backed Al Gore, I backed John Kerry.”
    Each one made it into the White House with his backing.
    Now he will go against the Democrat — so we know the Republicans are screwed in 2016 … they got Howard Stern behind them. Too bad he didn’t announce this before the book “Death over Life” cam out … it would probably have changed the author’s view of the importance of events in 2015 (and altered his belief in Tea Party power for 2014) .

  • Mick Bodine

    He said this in 2007 then voted for Obama twice….Just sayin

  • 5

    Voted for Reagan in 84, voted GOP all my life.

    • 1fullsailkid .

      Thanks for helping put us in all of those recessions the GOP is famous for….

  • Lynn Ertell

    Does Stern even recognize a controlled demolition when he sees it ? He’s just a another stooge.

  • InternetSavage

    The Democrats are more like crypto-communists since they are either deceitful about their communist tendencies or are just so stupid they don’t even realize what they are pushing.

  • Carmelo Junior

    Ronald Reagan was a democrat

    • Texas Jack

      Before he switched..

  • ddd

    Dear Idiot Right-Wingers,
    This was years ago and he’s since voted for Obama twice. Wise-up and read something other than this blog for morons.

  • 1fullsailkid .

    Lets recycle some more old untrue news…. Marines lie too

  • Roger Luedecke

    As a Communist I assure you the Democrats are most certainly not even Socialists much less Communist.